Why artCrit?

Welcome to artCrit, a wide-open free-for-all blog where anyone and everyone can freely comment on the art world and everything in it.

artCrit will be run by John Link and Darby Bannard as an offshoot of the current newCrit, in the manner of Franklin Einspruch's original artblog.net and as a partner to his current artblog.net, as an unsparing critical examination in plain common-sense talk of the lunacy of the art world.

Entries will be signed by their author, but many of our sources want to remain anonymous, for various reasons. If we believe what they say is credible, we will use their statements and honor that wish. Readers will, of course, make up their own minds anyway. The point of the site is to stimulate discussion, not conduct legal evidentiary hearings.

Bloggers can comment freely in their own words, anonymously or under their names, and the editors keep the right to delete, edit, or censor anything they deem inappropriate for blog content. Such editing will never be applied to well articulated ideas of any kind, however controversial, but will be reserved for extreme obscenity, personal threats, name-calling, illegal pronouncements and the like, at our discretion.

We look forward to an invigorating, all-out discussion, an antidote to the bland, uncritical, go-along-get-along mutual back-scratching that characterizes most art pages on the internet.