Darryl Hughto Confesses

by John Link

Canvas shaped like a girl's thigh! Must have required considerable work in the woodshop. That was far more palatable than what was to come several decades later from Cranbrook MFA candidate Michelle Hines.

Darryl's amazing and honest story reveals something that is often missed by our kind of painter. Namely, that the buzzy stuff of the 60s was exciting, especially the hormonally oriented. Wesselman was better to look at than what Greenberg called "10th Street Abstraction". And there is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman's thigh, whether taken as an abstract shape or taken as a monument to the path that leads to all that is good in life.

The comment about Buffalo is interesting. I would have said the same thing about Norman (Okalhoma, in case you don't follow college football). The avant-garde, particularly the fun side, did very well in the provinces during the 60s.

This is a great story by one of the best artists of our time.

September 16, 2012

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