Notes on the State of Art and Culture #2

by Darby Bannard


This is a painting by Lucio Fontana ... well, it may or may not have paint on it, but that's immaterial (so to speak).

Basically, it is a 16x20 stretched canvas which has been sliced. I am told that "infinity" flows through the slices.

It sold at auction recently for something over $700,000.

You will have to pay more for more slices. This summer (2012) a 4 slicer went for about $3,000,000 and another with 8 slices for around $4,500,000.

There's no rush to buy, however. These pictures come up at auction regularly so you can pretty well take your pick. But don't wait too long; prices are going up, and you don't want to miss out on infinity.

I don't know if you get more infinity with more slices. Infinity is infinity, after all, and it doesn't seem that you can get more or less of it. But what do I know?

August 25, 2012

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