Notes on the State of Art and Culture #1

by Darby Bannard

A colleague sent me these notes accompanying an exhibition entitled "Open Gallery Editions Three" in the series "Curator's Voice Projects" here in Miami. They are repeated here exactly as presented:

"The show contains visions and approaches to the world. Each of the works convey ideas and introspections that touches on a human level or on a social stanza. Each artist master a passage through phenomenological or existential levels of life. Techniques of modern art and experimental tactics of contemporary practices define the diverse voices of this exhibition."

The writer has a PhD in Art History. From where I don't know.

My colleague reported in passing that when he mentioned the recent death of Robert Hughes to her she did not know who Robert Hughes was. But after all, just because she has a PhD she is not obliged to know everything.

August 25, 2012

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